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Anime One Piece: Roronao Zoro's Yubashiri Toy Sword Full Wooden

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According to One Piece Wiki, Yubashiri was one of the 50 Skillful Grade swords. Roronoa Zoro obtained this sword for free from Ipponmatsu. The sword was a family heirloom and the best sword in the shop in Loguetown. Ipponmatsu gave it to Zoro after he saw the skill and courage that Zoro showed in testing the curse of Sandai Kitetsu. After being damaged at the hands of Shu, Zoro left its remains to rest on Thriller Bark.. but worry not because we still have replica's of it available on MMRK!

Product features:
- This product is made out of plastic, nylon, faux leather and bamboo wood so it is perfectly safe for everyone to use!
- It has a size of approximately 41 inches (104cm).
- Just perfect for cosplay, display or gifting it to your loved ones!

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